Thursday, April 5, 2012

The life cycle of a chicken craft for kids

With all the excitement of the chicken hatching program at my Son's preschool, I thought I would extend that experience at home.  We have read some lovely chicken stories and, of course, we did some chicken craft. 

Inspired by the chicken life cycle created by I Heart Crafty Things we decided to create our own version. Our life cycle is made from a variety of recycled materials.

The Lifecycle of a Chicken

We made the nest from sugar cane mulch we had in the garden and the eggs were cut out from paper.

Eggs in a nest.

Here's our little chick hatching from an egg. After baking muffins this morning we used the egg shell to create this little cutie! Following on from the baking theme we used a yellow mini patty paper to form the chicks body. Add a couple of googly eyes and a piece of orange craft match stick for the beak and our little chick is ready to hatch.

Hatching chick, using an egg shell and yellow cupcake paper

Next in our life cycle was our little chick, which we made from an empty yoghurt container covered in some yellow crepe paper. With orange construction paper legs and beak, more googly eyes and some fancy feathers, we have a lovely lovely little chick.

A little yellow chick made from a yoghurt container

The hen was my daughter's contribution to the life cycle. She loves painting so I used one of her artworks to cut out the hen's body, then added a beak and comb and an eye (gotta love googly eyes!). The inspiration for this little hen comes from Little Family Fun.

A hen made from a child's painting

The book we read today was Egg Poems, compiled by John Foster. 

Egg Poems compiled by John Foster

I unearthed this gem at the library and it is full of fun little poems all about eggs! While not all the poems are about chicken eggs, it was certainly a lovely opportunity to share some poetry with the kids.