Friday, May 3, 2013

Review of 10 Hooting Owls and Some Felt Owl Fun

Now that school is back, my daughter and I have been enjoying our one-on-one time together. We have been reading our favourite books, crafting, gardening and having a LOT of tea parties. 

One of the books we had fun reading this week is 10 Hooting Owls by Ed Allen and illustrated by Simon Williams, which is a new release from Scholastic Press.

Book Details:

Author: Ed Allen
Illustrator: Simon Williams
Publisher: Scholastic Press 
Publication Date: May 2013
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781742836980
Age: 3+
RRP: $13.99

10 Hooting Owls is a super adorable counting book and so much fun to read aloud. It is EVEN more fun to sing aloud, as this is a 'hoot-a-licious' version of the song Ten Green Bottles.
Ten hooting owls lounging in the sun.Ten hooting owls lounging in the sun. And if one hooting owl should go off for a run. There'll be nine hooting owls lounging in the sun.

The owl antics become funnier as you count down, from dressing in disguise, knitting winter socks or hip hop dancing. Something wacky always happens to one of the owls, like falling out of the tub, catching chicken pox or drinking a smoothie (which was my daughter's favourite part, she said) Thankfully all the owls end up back at the nest in the end, safe and sound, although looking a little weary.

This is a wonderful counting book and provides a fun way to practice counting back from ten. On each page there is also a hidden number to be found, which adds another fun element to this picture book and great for number recognition.

Simon Williams' illustrations are so vibrant and absolutely hilarious. It's the little details that add so much more the story. In my opinion, his illustrations make this book so lovable. I really enjoyed how Williams is able to convey so much humour in those big owl eyes. One of my favourite illustrations is the two hooting owls dancing hip hop! James loved the illustrations too and he could not stop laughing when he saw what one owl gets in his eye!

I decided to make a set of 10 owls to play with as we were counting along with the book. I had a pile of felt scraps that I found at an op-shop and thought it would be perfect for this little project. 

I searched for an owl template and found an easy and very cute owl shape from Craft Jr.

Here is one of the gorgeous little owls. I cut out all the felt pieces and she was in charge of the glue brush. I just used PVA glue, because it was all I could find at the time but it worked perfectly, although we had to wait a little while for it to dry.

We have a great felt board which made a lovely backdrop for our little owls. Lots of fun was had taking the owls away as we counted down from ten, just like the story. 

One thing I like about this little owl project of ours is that we now have super cute new additions to our felt board collection. They will no doubt be included in our felt board story telling sessions. 

Do you have a favourite book about owls or favourite counting book?

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of this book for review by the publisher. I was not obligated to review this book and, as always, my opinions are my own.


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  2. Thanks for dropping by Kelli and a Big Thank you for sharing :) It was such a fun way to practice our counting.

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    What amazing illustrations! This looks like a really fun book! I will be sharing it on Pinterest and Facebook.

  4. The owls in this book are super adorable. Thank you for sharing :)

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